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I have recently picked up a new show (Yes, I know. Go figure.). I had seen an advertisement for the new MTV Show Awkward. It is a spoof on the recent tragic trend of teen suicide. Basically, instead of her attempting to kill herself she accidentally knocks herself out, knocks over an entire bottle of pain killers, the blow dryer turns on and dumps into the tub, and they find her passed out.

This was a few episodes ago. Also, this setting is in high school. I understand that teen suicide is not funny. I think it is an extremely large problem in high schools that sometimes goes ignored. I also believe that teens need to know that there is love and support if they feel depressed and what not. I also love the comedic twist on the show.

That said, I think you should watch it. I understand that watching high school isn’t as enjoyable depending on the time in your life, but it has been a while since I have attended. Also, it is extremely funny to watch young people act stupid in the name of “love”. We have all been there at one time or another, but I think it also is more fresh than many high school shows.

There is bullying, romance, multiple young men, young parents that had kids too soon, and many other instances in life and cliques that can only be formed from school. I am extremely happy that when I get home from work I can watch the show and relax. I think you should give it a shot, and if not you can always watch Family Guy or HGTV. I have been trying to stay away from Food Network, because it only makes me hungry. I also like the DIY Network. Happy Viewing!

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Nightmare at David’s


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My best friend is getting married. The time is right. Her and her fiance are getting married next year the day before Labor Day. They are building a home together and already have two very large bull mastiffs. The dogs are way too big for the apartment, so the house makes sense.

When she first told me, I was excited. It’s nice to be happy for someone’s great moments and journey through life. It also has had me think and see the types of things I could possibly do or have for my wedding.

The other day, we went to David’s Bridal in our city. While I was excited to be a part of helping her find the perfect dress, I was not prepared for the adventure to come.

First of all, the majority of the girls looked to be 20 or under. I am pretty sure this is the twenty-first century, but who am I? While many a bridezilla stomped through the bridal shop with her helpless bridesmaids trudging behind, I waited patiently for my friend to arrive. I have watched dozens of “Say Yes to the Dress”, it did little to really prepare me for the events to come.

First of all, who the heck spends a couple grand on a dress that they wear once? I sure don’t! I figured a nice wedding dress would be a few hundred. WRONG! Every dress we saw that was a nice dress, yet not designer was at least five hundred dollars or more. I can think of so many things I could use that money for, but I guess you only get married once.

Now, my friend tends to be very polite. She also didn’t have an idea of the type of dress she wanted. My friend? She did great! The sales lady? Awful!

First of all, the sales lady completely ignores me and another bridesmaid as to what the bride wants. She ignores our suggestions and ignores us in general. I was completely fine until she attempted to talk my friend into buying a dress she didn’t love. I am all for a deal. I love sales! But there is no way I will be a bad friend and let a sales person aggressively attempt to talk my friend into a dress she doesn’t love. I honestly had not imagined David’s Bridal as being that pushy of a place, but the experience made me not want to get married!

The point of getting married is to being the rest of your life with the person you want to grow old with. I do not think it was meant to be as stressful as many people make it out to be. Yes, I can say this because I have yet to get married. Yet, I know that weddings are about everyone else and not about you. Words of wisdom.

Tip: Try to research the types of dresses you would like to see yourself in before going to the shop. The sales lady was pretty mad about my friend not doing as much research, but my friend is a visual person! Really hard to imagine yourself in a type of dress you have never worn before. I may also recommend going out for drinks and dinner directly after the stressful situations, because tension generally is high! Good luck!

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Hobby Shopping

sewing at the dining room table

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Lots of changes have taken place this summer. The biggest events soon to come. I am still working two jobs, plus my brother moves in to my second bedroom once college starts in order to save money (not to mention he will be paying part of the rent). My sister is also taking classes a few days a week over here and then going home to her job, so she will be here part-time for at least the fall quarter. On top of that we are working non-stop to find Taylor a  full-time job, because I am proud to announce that he just graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

With all of these things going on, my family has still determined that I need a hobby. Cleaning the house has been split between Taylor and I, so it is at least somewhat manageable. I record all my Television shows, but right now many really aren’t playing. So, we attempted to brainstorm for something for me to do in my spare time.

I was really looking for something I could do in my spare time that I could set down and resume when I had time. I have begun reading some business books, but the hobby still seems fun. So we brainstormed.

We came up with sewing, working out, scrapbooking, and more. I decided that it had been a while since I had sewn, plus I don’t want to put a lot of money into something I am not sure I will keep doing. Working out I don’t really consider a hobby, but the diet has pretty much gone out the window. To explain it quickly, Taylor got sick. I caught whatever he had, but I wasn’t sick. I only lost my voice completely. I quickly found out that antibiotics with a meat, vegetable, and fruit diet made me feel queasy. Therefore, the diet went out the window. Also, because I had to take three pills a day, it has now made me gain a new habit of eating when I get off work late at night (Ugh). So, I now need to get back on the diet or begin to exercise.

Anyways, my family mentioned that in my freshmen year of college I took at Tai Chi class and loved it. While I don’t want to exercise as a hobby (I think it needs to be a lifestyle), it would be a good start. Plus, I live close to my old college and could take recreational classes for free. I am thinking about doing that as my hobby, but I also am very aware that winter is just around the corner. I am really looking forward to trying it or finding something new, but I am open to possibilities. Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas!

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Tootsie Roll Pops

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I cannot believe it has been since the beginning of May that I last wrote a true post! Unbelievable how quickly time flies!

Lately I have been on a ‘how to decorate without breaking the bank’ kick. We decided to do a back to school theme for August and I was able to do it with very little money.

First, I looked up various posters that were inspirational that would generally be seen in a classroom and typed them up on Word. I either used nice paper or pasted it on top of an image, etc. After printing them out I laminated them and taped them up among the office. The posters were great for people to walk by and look at. It especially has already began to be reminders of continuing to continue to challenge and inspire myself throughout each day. Also, the people I manage have already began to be more positive.

We were having a slight problem with negative attitudes, but the positive reinforcement signs have already helped to improve the atmosphere. I am a big believer that work is what you make it. Also, if you hate your job environment, you won’t bother to show up half of the time. Who really wants to show up to a job where people are negative and there seems to be very little positivity? I sure don’t!

I believe that positive attitudes are contagious. I naturally gravitate towards positive people, because I love having a sunny disposition. I can confidently say that my glass if half full, not empty. I try to smile everyday, even when I’m busy. I also try to make the environment fun even though we are in sales, which tends to be associated with stress.

I am happy to say that the signs are great and gave me an excuse to bring a little bit more vibrancy and color into the room. I also bought some cheap stickers from the dollar store (like 500 for $1) and some certificates that look similar to an elementary school type certificate.

I have yet to use the stickers, but the people I manage LOVED that I wrote what a great job they did on a day that we rocked in sales with my name signed on it. I also bought a few bags of Tootsie rolls and taped it on the back. They were thrilled with the effort I put out and it was easy and affordable! I am so glad that they appreciated them and I definitely recommend trying it at your work!

Beware: Extra Tootsie Pops go quickly. I couldn’t help but have a few myself! They were a great snack though!

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I’m Back!

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I apologize for the large span in between writing from my last post until tonight. You see, I have been on a wild adventure and unable to write any fun posts that might be worth reading. I have been dealing with sales non-stop since I began to learn my new job and am now very much established, yet still always learning. I have missed my random postings of various topics and am happy to have a chance to write once again. I have much to tell you about in order to catch you up, but it may take much longer than tonight. Life is for the living and I have very much been living it.

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Laffy Taffy Mania

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I recently found out that the Laffy Taffy was not a good idea. For other people, great. For me, not so much. Now let me explain. I love sweets. I have some self-control, but there is nothing like candy or chocolate to boost my mood for the rest of the day. I don’t really have a bad mood, but candy makes my life better.

Is it healthy? Not really. Would I die without it? Nope. Do I eat it anyways? Of course.

When bringing in two large tubs of Laffy Taffy purchased from Sam’s club, I tried to encourage people to have a great week during laugh at work week. I never imagined that I would quickly make a habit of reaching for one as I walked by where they were placed on the desk. There began my problem.

Once they were eaten by most everyone at the office, co-workers began to mention when they were craving it. Of course when I start thinking about a type of candy that I don’t have and it sounds good, I have to have it. After days and days of thinking about it, I finally went out to Kroger at 9:30 at night in order to kill my craving. I bought two bags and ate half of a bag in one sitting. Thank goodness they don’t have that many calories in each amazing taffy. Either way, my indulgence finally killed my craving.

I have read in health articles that you generally crave a type of food because there is a depletion in your diet. I highly doubt that I need more sugar in my diet. Either way I am a happy camper with the rest of my Laffy Taffy to be eaten in the next few days.

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I joined a gym!

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I am happy to announce that I joined a local gym near my house. I have mentioned before that I would like to get back in shape and for only ten bucks a month with great hours, I couldn’t turn it down. Taylor is already skeptical.

I have to admit, this same scenario has happened before. I joined a woman’s gym, but was too busy to ever make it over there. I was only able to visit the gym a few times before I deemed the membership fruitless. I also was paying more than ten bucks a month and was under contract. My new gym simply lets me pay each month without a contract. It makes it really easy for me in case I would have to cancel. It also is across from my work, so I think it may help to be so close.

Before agreeing to join, we toured the facilities. They had tanning, massage chairs, and advertised that they are a gym for everyday people. This means that they do not have a lot of free weights and supposedly people who are incredibly in shape like body builders. This was simply an explanation I was given from a person at the gym. Like all gyms, they boasted that I wouldn’t be judged in the gym. I hate to tell you, but you can’t stop other people from judging you. They can decide not to comment, but that’s about all.

Either way I am excited to go. My schedule is pretty hectic right now, but I believe working out will make me feel and look better. I also believe that it can help with stress of working two jobs at once. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see how it’s going!

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