About Me

I am a 22-year-old woman from Dayton, Ohio. I recently graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor in Arts in English with a concentration in Language Arts Education or English Education. I am currently pursuing a professional job that will utilize my skills in talents earned through my degree. My boyfriend’s name is Taylor and we have been dating for almost four years. We have a wired haired fox terrier named Moe. My boys make sure to always keep me on my toes! I am an energetic, hard-working person that is looking to step outside of my daily life to expand my horizons.

I created this blog after meeting with the Senior Writer/Editor/Owner of Dragonfly Editorial located in Tipp City, Ohio. I was searching on LinkedIn.com for jobs and to make network connections. Searching for various companies in the Dayton area, I came across Dragonfly Editorial. After familiarizing myself with their website, I came across multiple types of links and publications that I found interesting for writing, editing, and copyediting/writing. I came across the profile of the Owner on LinkedIn and she openly invited others looking to explore the copyediting/writing, writing, and editing industries to contact her. To make a long story short, we met in late December at a small coffee shop in Troy, Ohio. This small opportunity has set my life in motion in ways that I could have never predicted. At the end of our meeting, I was given a to-do list to accomplish. My to-do list consisted of: picking up a copy of the latest Chicago Style Manual and to become familiar with it, picking up two work books that would allow me to further explore copyediting/writing, to join the Dayton Creative Syndicate, to build a Portfolio, to research WordPress.com and maybe try blogging, to create a g-mail account, and learn how to use google documents. I have picked up all three works as recommended and am in the process of going through them, joined the Dayton Creative Syndicate, researched WordPress, am trying blogging, created a g-mail account, and learned how to use google documents. I am working on various ways to build a Portfolio and this blog is part of it. I never expected a to-do list to make such a profound impact, but so far it has set me on an amazing journey.


One Response to About Me

  1. william wallace says:

    Things happen in ones life which may seem in
    having little impact as interest // yet where it
    being they are put together // it like the parts
    of a jigsaw puzzle // on their own meaningless
    yet putting together you start in getting a clear
    picture. /As said /every picture telling its story.

    Your problem being not the physical health
    you are simply using that in giving yourself
    a manifest /as logical answer thus satisfying
    your needs. The real problem is you have a
    developing brain /asking more questions of
    your own being // the need finding yourself.

    As your being a bit smarter than the average
    its most as like your boyfriend is of the same
    nature as yourself / thus there a relationship
    which has depth of the soul / not that of the
    flesh / it most likely your souls have bonded
    in previous lifes / hence such the reason your
    more as brother / sister /than of being lovers.

    The good news what your searching for being
    within your grasp / you just need give it focus
    the problem / it so close to you / that you just
    keep missing it / thus an need/ being focused
    thus you can just start to slow down / finding
    seeing that which / forever the need knowing.

    Such being done through meditation / where
    turning the senses inwards / thus start such
    the process in a unfolding of the spiritual self
    ( such advice /also apply unto the boyfriend.

    With meditation one needs the guidance of a
    spiritual teacher. At present humanity being
    blessed in having Prem Rawat // he not only
    a spiritual teacher /but a teacher of teachers
    thus he the best of the best //the cats cream
    the dogs bone // as Cleopatra unto Anthony.

    On pc search put ( words of peace ) on site an
    large selection of videos //where Prem Rawat
    is talking of one’s turning their senses inwards
    bringing an unfolding / of one’s true inner self.

    The stage of meditation is advanced upon the
    human journey / it a very critical stage upon
    ones development. The initial efforts slowing
    the mind can be testeing. // One having been
    controlled by the mind for so long // it be an
    mite bad a habit /in having become powerful.

    However in practice through meditation such
    slowing process comes to effect/ thus again it
    being you whom the master in your own home
    in your growing experience as understanding
    via meditation /all lifes questions be answered
    the purpose of human life /be but crystal clear
    no longer such hunger /thirst in need to satisfy.

    Meditation is the stage humanity coming upon
    as being for yourself as boyfriend be but an bit
    earlier than most // yet the numbers turning
    toward meditation will grow by many millions.

    The human frame being the gateway unto both
    material as spiritual realm. We having much in
    time turned unto the material realm// it being
    now the stage in bringing balance // where one
    venture to the spiritual realm /where becoming
    a common event / as present abode in material.

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