Decorating for Halloween Made Easy

Citrouille d'intérieur pour Halloween

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Growing up, my other two siblings and I always wanted to decorate our entire house for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and any other holiday we could get away with. While we did great, around half way through our creative genius we would get tired. Even worse was having to clean up the wonderful decorations we had put up. This happened especially during Christmas, since we have the most decorations for Christmas.

As we have grown, my parents decorating has simplified to a point of pure simplicity. Now they simply put out two large inflatable spiders, one strung onto a homemade nylon web. Best part? It took us twenty minutes to put the spider and web together. Unfortunately, the other spider that moved has since died. I guess he had a hole in him. Alas, we could not find a replacement this year. My mom simply had a cookie jar that held candy. A jack-o-lantern that holds a candle and a vase that held autumn colored pumpkins. The best yet? The vase and pumpkins can last from September through November! By the way, the best tip of all is to buy a cute yet inexpensive wreath that you can add onto. They are tasteful and easy!

This year really taught me that I don’t need to go all out for decorating, but to make it simple. The family is happier, because everything goes wrong when people are tired, stressed out, hungry, and being forced to be in the holiday spirit. Plus I am told the kids love the spiders every year. So I am now looking to build my holiday collection this year that is simple yet cheap, which means I am hitting up the sales the next day for all the holiday decorations I wanted! Who doesn’t love a great deal?

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