Job Hunting in Ohio

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This morning I started to realize that Taylor and I are really stressed to the point that we are breaking out slightly. I rarely break out. I honestly hate breaking out. I admit that I was blessed with not having many acne issues, so when I get any it just makes me mad. Anyways, the stress has been caused by our constant search for a fulltime job for Taylor.

We have been searching online night and day for a full-time job that wants someone with a Bachelors in Business Management or Business. I thought that his search would be much easier than mine, because mine was like throwing a shot in the dark and seeing if something would come back. When I was looking for jobs, they wanted everything that I was not. To make matters worse, most of the companies simply did not want English degrees. It didn’t help that the jobs that wanted English degrees were few and far between. I am happy to say that I love my current job.

Yet, Taylor is almost at the four-month mark (that was the point that I got a job) and we are still struggling to find anything. I am a worrier. We are making a back up plan in case he doesn’t find a job by the time his loans come due, because otherwise I will have been the person that didn’t make a backup plan and got screwed due to it. I like lists and I like plans.

I find it odd that most of the jobs we are looking for want an Associates or a Bachelors, they don’t seem to care which, but they want anywhere from 2-15 years of experience. They also consider entry-level to be 2-5 years in some companies. Entry level to me means right out of college only because when I was looking for jobs I found out that entry-level did not mean right out of high school. In his situation there are a multitude of different plans to come up with, but it’s a life decision and there is no right answer. Should he go ahead and get his masters? Should he move up in the food industry even though that means he will probably never be able to get out of it since all of his professional work will be in food? Should he take a low-paying job for his type of degree?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I understand jobs are scarce, that anyone that currently has a job is lucky right now. I just never would have thought that someone with a Business degree would have issues finding a job for as long as an English degree. I also get that he graduated with the larger classes, in the spring, so he is competing against more people for similar jobs (I graduated in the fall. Not a popular graduation time). I know that something could happen today, or tomorrow, or next week, or next month. I just can’t fight the feeling that we have a large sum of money coming due and may not have a way to pay for it. If he goes to get his masters, it puts our budget off for at least another year. Even then will he be able to find a job?

Jobs are hard to find. In college we were never warned that jobs would be hard to find and to get a degree that would mean a job instead of going for what we wanted to do. Also, everyone wants experience but isn’t willing to give any. And when did a masters become the new bachelors? It is amazing how quickly things change.

I have my fingers crossed that we can find Taylor a good job here soon in the next month, because we already are aware that once we get into Thanksgiving most people won’t be hiring again until January. Life decisions are hard. I only hope that something comes up soon.

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