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Recently I was bored and was looking online for some iPhone Apps. They create more everyday and now some of the magazines that I read even include the best apps right now. Some of my favorites include: Living Social, Groupon, Shopkick (if I can eventually figure out how to use it, but it’s supposed to be one of the best apps out there), my bank and loan apps in case I am in a pinch and need to know my balances, Facebook, Key Ring ( It lets me scan all my cards onto my phone so I don’t have to have them on me. Yes, it does work we tried it to make sure first.), WordPress, Coupons, Urbanspoon, Cheap Gas!, and I have a new one called Trip Advisor, but I don’t think I am using it to its full advantage yet.

By the way, most of the Apps I actually download are free. I am cheap and until I have money to throw at Apps that won’t absolutely make my life better, I am not buying them. Taylor did buy AngryBirds, but that was about it.

I would recommend trying some of these out. Cheap Gas! has been a huge help in finding cheap gas in the area. Urbanspoon has helped us find different restaurants in the area as well as when traveling and need to know how other people rate it. Trip Advisor includes things such as Restaurants, Hotels, Flights, and more. I am not really sure how to use it completely, but when I looked up my area it had ranked places to visit in my area. I will probably have to do more research on how to use it.

Shopkick is supposed to be this great App that gives you kicks that add up to gift cards to your favorite stores, simply by walking into a store. The idea is that the more foot traffic the store has, the more people spend. I think it’s a cool idea to almost get rewarded to step foot in the places I generally shop in anyways. Feel free to look it up online, I know there is more information on it.

I love my Living Social and Groupon Apps. Especially because I have multiple regions selected in case I would want to do something fun in a city an hour away one day. Also, the different cities sometimes have different online deals, which is even easier if you wanted to do something online and have it shipped to you.

I use a lot of my Apps on a daily basis. I would recommend looking around online if there is something in particular you may want in an App. You can also go to your App store and search for the top free Apps. Many of the Apps have ratings, which I read in case it isn’t worth downloading. I like using a lot of my Apps on my phone, so check some of the ones I mentioned out or you can even try looking at some of the ones that cost money that other people like if you are interested.

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One Response to iPhone Apps

  1. Paul Cahill says:

    I definitely have an app problem. I had to give myself an app purchasing budget. You made a good point about not spending money on an app unless it’s “absolutely going to make my life better”. Other users ratings are really helpful to me in making my decisions. Good post.

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