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While getting on to write another post, I briefly read the titles on freshly pressed and came across this blog post: http://burkpkrohe.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/5-facebook-fopas-that-im-guilty-of/. I have to admit I was intrigued, but quickly found that I don’t do any of these. By the way, I will admit that I scanned rather than read the post. If it’s interesting but not research, I generally quick-scan to get the gist of the article/post. I am sure it is a good thing that I don’t seem to have the problems listed, but I sometimes enjoy reading the lyrics of artists on someone’s post though I rarely do so myself.

I always want to know if someone can cook or not, because I will know ahead of time if I need to eat before hanging out with you or not. I think that I do sometimes overpost, but for me that means like twice in one day. I am sure others post five or more times a day, but if it’s interesting who cares? I try not to passive aggressively correct other people’s posts, yet I make sure all of mine are correct. I didn’t graduate with a bachelors in English for nothing. I will admit that on occasion I will correct what other people say, but that’s when it comes secondhand or I simply can’t get past it. I was going to be a High School English teacher, so you can say it’s been ingrained in me to help others with their English even though I don’t think that I necessarily have the right to correct anyone. I can admit I occasionally say things wrong and sometimes even spell them incorrectly.

And last but not least, the drunken pictures. Unfortunately, when in college before I was student teaching, we were told to rid of any pictures that may look like we were drinking, swimming, or doing anything that the school may not approve of. We had to make sure we were unsearchable by students and to erase most of our profiles. While I agree that our Facebook profiles are reflections of us at least to a certain point, I also think that professionalism is important.

The sad part is that I had to pitch a lot of great pictures, simply because we used red plastic cups with whatever beverage such as pop or water just in case it might look like we were drinking alcohol in a picture.  So here is my question: if you are an adult why is it such a horrible thing to have a picture with a drink in your hand? It’s legal. I know that students can be easily persuaded to drinking, but many pictures are taking at adult social gatherings, which sometimes includes a cocktail or beer. We don’t allow the underage to drink.

Then again, I do know many people who have kept their drunken pictures on Facebook and that’s their choice. My only advice is if you are absolutely going to drink to the point of doing something stupid, I would not bring a camera or take pictures to document the event. Especially when other people can tag you online. There is nothing worse than an employer not hiring you because of something that happened years ago in a picture, yet can easily prove that you may have issues representing work when you are off work. So try to keep it clean, especially because pictures can always be found and don’t help your case with your kids if you got to do something and they are not allowed because you said so.


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