All She Does Is Work, Work, Work All Day Long

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I hope you liked my last post, I began thinking about it tonight when getting home around 1:40 from work. I work four days a week from 1 p.m. from anywhere to 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. depending on what all I have to get done at my full-time job. I work at my part-time job one day a week for five or six hours. I guess my fault would be once again saying no.

For instance, on Sunday night my boss from my part-time job asked if I could work an extra part day to help out. Work a six-day week I thought? Sure. It was a long week. Even worse, I always end up staying and getting the job done if help is still needed. It drives me completely bonkers to have something half done. I am an all or nothing person and will put in the extra time just to get it done.

What’s funny is people ask if I have told Taylor that I am staying over at work. As I always tell them, you don’t date a workaholic for almost five years and not know. I do give him credit, if I am running an hour or so over he generally texts or calls me if he isn’t working to see at least when I will be home. 

It’s very hard to say no for me. I don’t like to let anyone down. I am also very strong in my commitment to promises, which is probably why I never call off even if I have the flu. I guess I was taught that a job is something you commit to and show up everyday. In my family you have to almost be on your death-bed to call off of work. I have to say though, thanks mom and dad. Thanks for making me a good person and employee.

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