Officially Fall


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Looking for some inspiration to write, I was looking at freshly pressed and saw a cool post that had some beautiful pictures on it. Plus, I am always for reading other people’s blogs because people are interesting. Here is the great post and pictures,

Anyways, looking at the pictures made me realize that summer is over and fall is in season! I absolutely love fall, even though I am allergic to it. I love Halloween, especially Thanksgiving! I love the colors, being able to wear the spectrum from both my summery and wintery wardrobes. I just love the feeling. Today while driving to work I saw that the leaves started to change. The fresh yellows, the bright oranges, the sultry reds. There is nothing like fall.

Funny this is, I am not a fan of winter. I don’t mind some winter, but here in Ohio we have really cold, really windy, and really icy winters. I am okay with some nice fluffy snow in small doses. Hot chocolate never tastes better than coming home on a cool day and wanting to warm up. I also like Christmas.

I hate to say it, but I can’t believe summer is already over. It sure isn’t like it used to be. Summer used to mean being around my friends 24/7 in High School. Now it just means working in hot weather and looking out the window at the nice day. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted this summer, but I did have fun. We even took a trip over to see some family in Virginia. I epically failed at attempting to water ski. I even managed to smack myself in the head while landing face first in the water with one of my skis. I have learned my lesson. I just am amazed how fast time has gone by. Amazing.

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