Nightmare at David’s


Image by _rockinfree via Flickr

My best friend is getting married. The time is right. Her and her fiance are getting married next year the day before Labor Day. They are building a home together and already have two very large bull mastiffs. The dogs are way too big for the apartment, so the house makes sense.

When she first told me, I was excited. It’s nice to be happy for someone’s great moments and journey through life. It also has had me think and see the types of things I could possibly do or have for my wedding.

The other day, we went to David’s Bridal in our city. While I was excited to be a part of helping her find the perfect dress, I was not prepared for the adventure to come.

First of all, the majority of the girls looked to be 20 or under. I am pretty sure this is the twenty-first century, but who am I? While many a bridezilla stomped through the bridal shop with her helpless bridesmaids trudging behind, I waited patiently for my friend to arrive. I have watched dozens of “Say Yes to the Dress”, it did little to really prepare me for the events to come.

First of all, who the heck spends a couple grand on a dress that they wear once? I sure don’t! I figured a nice wedding dress would be a few hundred. WRONG! Every dress we saw that was a nice dress, yet not designer was at least five hundred dollars or more. I can think of so many things I could use that money for, but I guess you only get married once.

Now, my friend tends to be very polite. She also didn’t have an idea of the type of dress she wanted. My friend? She did great! The sales lady? Awful!

First of all, the sales lady completely ignores me and another bridesmaid as to what the bride wants. She ignores our suggestions and ignores us in general. I was completely fine until she attempted to talk my friend into buying a dress she didn’t love. I am all for a deal. I love sales! But there is no way I will be a bad friend and let a sales person aggressively attempt to talk my friend into a dress she doesn’t love. I honestly had not imagined David’s Bridal as being that pushy of a place, but the experience made me not want to get married!

The point of getting married is to being the rest of your life with the person you want to grow old with. I do not think it was meant to be as stressful as many people make it out to be. Yes, I can say this because I have yet to get married. Yet, I know that weddings are about everyone else and not about you. Words of wisdom.

Tip: Try to research the types of dresses you would like to see yourself in before going to the shop. The sales lady was pretty mad about my friend not doing as much research, but my friend is a visual person! Really hard to imagine yourself in a type of dress you have never worn before. I may also recommend going out for drinks and dinner directly after the stressful situations, because tension generally is high! Good luck!

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