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I have recently picked up a new show (Yes, I know. Go figure.). I had seen an advertisement for the new MTV Show Awkward. It is a spoof on the recent tragic trend of teen suicide. Basically, instead of her attempting to kill herself she accidentally knocks herself out, knocks over an entire bottle of pain killers, the blow dryer turns on and dumps into the tub, and they find her passed out.

This was a few episodes ago. Also, this setting is in high school. I understand that teen suicide is not funny. I think it is an extremely large problem in high schools that sometimes goes ignored. I also believe that teens need to know that there is love and support if they feel depressed and what not. I also love the comedic twist on the show.

That said, I think you should watch it. I understand that watching high school isn’t as enjoyable depending on the time in your life, but it has been a while since I have attended. Also, it is extremely funny to watch young people act stupid in the name of “love”. We have all been there at one time or another, but I think it also is more fresh than many high school shows.

There is bullying, romance, multiple young men, young parents that had kids too soon, and many other instances in life and cliques that can only be formed from school. I am extremely happy that when I get home from work I can watch the show and relax. I think you should give it a shot, and if not you can always watch Family Guy or HGTV. I have been trying to stay away from Food Network, because it only makes me hungry. I also like the DIY Network. Happy Viewing!

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