Tootsie Roll Pops

Image by christinejwarner via Flickr

I cannot believe it has been since the beginning of May that I last wrote a true post! Unbelievable how quickly time flies!

Lately I have been on a ‘how to decorate without breaking the bank’ kick. We decided to do a back to school theme for August and I was able to do it with very little money.

First, I looked up various posters that were inspirational that would generally be seen in a classroom and typed them up on Word. I either used nice paper or pasted it on top of an image, etc. After printing them out I laminated them and taped them up among the office. The posters were great for people to walk by and look at. It especially has already began to be reminders of continuing to continue to challenge and inspire myself throughout each day. Also, the people I manage have already began to be more positive.

We were having a slight problem with negative attitudes, but the positive reinforcement signs have already helped to improve the atmosphere. I am a big believer that work is what you make it. Also, if you hate your job environment, you won’t bother to show up half of the time. Who really wants to show up to a job where people are negative and there seems to be very little positivity? I sure don’t!

I believe that positive attitudes are contagious. I naturally gravitate towards positive people, because I love having a sunny disposition. I can confidently say that my glass if half full, not empty. I try to smile everyday, even when I’m busy. I also try to make the environment fun even though we are in sales, which tends to be associated with stress.

I am happy to say that the signs are great and gave me an excuse to bring a little bit more vibrancy and color into the room. I also bought some cheap stickers from the dollar store (like 500 for $1) and some certificates that look similar to an elementary school type certificate.

I have yet to use the stickers, but the people I manage LOVED that I wrote what a great job they did on a day that we rocked in sales with my name signed on it. I also bought a few bags of Tootsie rolls and taped it on the back. They were thrilled with the effort I put out and it was easy and affordable! I am so glad that they appreciated them and I definitely recommend trying it at your work!

Beware: Extra Tootsie Pops go quickly. I couldn’t help but have a few myself! They were a great snack though!

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  1. Krista says:

    Gld to hear it went well! The holidays will the the really fun season to decorate for!

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