Laffy Taffy Mania

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I recently found out that the Laffy Taffy was not a good idea. For other people, great. For me, not so much. Now let me explain. I love sweets. I have some self-control, but there is nothing like candy or chocolate to boost my mood for the rest of the day. I don’t really have a bad mood, but candy makes my life better.

Is it healthy? Not really. Would I die without it? Nope. Do I eat it anyways? Of course.

When bringing in two large tubs of Laffy Taffy purchased from Sam’s club, I tried to encourage people to have a great week during laugh at work week. I never imagined that I would quickly make a habit of reaching for one as I walked by where they were placed on the desk. There began my problem.

Once they were eaten by most everyone at the office, co-workers began to mention when they were craving it. Of course when I start thinking about a type of candy that I don’t have and it sounds good, I have to have it. After days and days of thinking about it, I finally went out to Kroger at 9:30 at night in order to kill my craving. I bought two bags and ate half of a bag in one sitting. Thank goodness they don’t have that many calories in each amazing taffy. Either way, my indulgence finally killed my craving.

I have read in health articles that you generally crave a type of food because there is a depletion in your diet. I highly doubt that I need more sugar in my diet. Either way I am a happy camper with the rest of my Laffy Taffy to be eaten in the next few days.

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  1. Excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. I enjoy making great food for my family and friends when they come over for entertainment. Food can also be entertaining in itself. Thanks again for sharing this.

    A Delicious Coffee Roll Recipe

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