New Show: Extreme Couponing

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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When I first saw the previews for this show, I knew I needed to see it. Who doesn’t love to save money? I have already seen the shows, but wanted to read some of the various reviews afterward. Most people didn’t fully embrace the show, but then again I can’t blame them. Dumpster diving and spending way too many hours researching grocery deals seems a bit crazy. I do agree with many reviews that said you can take the basics of the show and take advantage of the techniques without devoting your entire life to it.

I have always wanted to be able to go get the things I really needed at the grocery store and save a substantial amount of money. Somehow I always lose my stack of coupons, but I don’t have an organized binder like all of the extreme couponers in the show. It did touch me that most of the people on the show had actually become so good at saving money on groceries due to bad circumstances. Who can’t relate to the higher prices of products, job loss, or some other part of the recession making us a bit more money-saving minded?

I thought that having room upon room of products is a bit overboard. I certainly don’t have enough money to have a room just for groceries. Feel free to do your own research on saving money at the grocery store. I skimmed an article that said a substantial amount of savings can be accomplished in about an hour or two at the most. This seems more realistic to me. During the show, my jaw dropped when I saw the original price of the items and then the end result. I was envious!

I am slowly collecting coupons out of my Sunday paper in order to become more money savvy when it comes to grocery shopping, but I will not be buying a years worth of anything. I don’t have that much space. If it’s between me and the items, I pick me.

The show did teach me that there are ways to save money that I hadn’t been using. I like to find new ways to save money. Whether I actually choose to follow some of my knowledge is up to me. I don’t mind making a slight habitual change, but not a full-on life change in order to save a dollar or two. Life changes must be worth it, and I honestly don’t have a lot of time for a life change unless it’s going to be dedicated to working out and being healthy. For instance on saving money and it not being worth it: hot, long showers. I know that it’s green and better for the earth when I use less water. I also know it will save me money to have shorter showers. But under no circumstances do I enjoy cold showers. This is not a saving trick that I value enough to use. I have been inspired to look at some easy ways to save some money, and using coupons is just one of the many ideas that I am going to look into and use.

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  1. Dave Reeves says:

    Great information, I’m sharing it on my Blog –

    We try to help students save money any way we can, especially textbooks and textbook rentlals.

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