Making Pie Crust for the First Time

Homemade rhubarb pie with lattice crust

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Last week I developed a new-found respect for anyone that makes homemade pies. It all started when a woman who I work with wanted to have a competition for pie baking. Me being extremely competitive, automatically accepted the challenge. Having this contest would be fun more than anything, but I would also get to try some delicious pie. Win win, right? Sort of.

It ended up that we were the only two that had actually hand-made our pies, but it was fun nonetheless. I had never actually made a homemade pie by myself. But I believed that I could at least try. If it tasted awful, I wouldn’t be crushed. I got my mom’s homemade pie recipe, which after searching for it online seemed to be deemed the grandma of pie recipes. I have never had a complaint about my mom’s pie crust, so I took a shot at it.

I made two pies just in case one was better than the other. I took my mom’s pie crust instructions and did my best to recreate her pie recipe without any appliances to help me such as a food processor. I also didn’t have the tool they use to cut butter into the flour. Either way, I figured that I could do it (I later found out that my mom doesn’t use a food processor. Not so sure about the cutting tool.).

After an hour or two of sweat, because pie crust should not be kneaded but also needs to be rolled out from the center. By the way, this process sounds easy, but it isn’t. Plus my counter tops aren’t very large to roll out dough. Either way, I am proud to say that my pies were delicious. We didn’t announce a winner, but I got pie so who cares? I got to taste both of my pies and was extremely happy at the results. Not bad for the first time, but I will not be requesting pie from my mom anytime soon. I was happy to be challenged and to do something I had never had to do before, but I will think long and hard before making a pie again.

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