Appliance Love: My Washer and Dryer Plus a Dishwasher

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I will be the first to admit, I haven’t exactly been posting as scheduled. I am saving my ideas to post as soon as I have time though. I have not forgotten to post, but sometimes it’s merely easier for me to let my ideas evolve than to automatically post.

That said, I have been quite busy. On my days off I have been trying to get my house together. This never-ending task is daunting! I now understand that if I don’t take the time to clean everyday or take an entire day to clean that it will not correct itself. I understand it’s part of being a grown adult, but sometimes I wonder whether the mess attempts to take on a life of its own!

Last year before Taylor and I moved, we scraped together the money to buy a washer and dryer. The apartment we currently reside in has washer and dryer hookups and we were determined to reap the benefits. Buying a washer and dryer was life changing. No more spending hours at the laundromat. No more spending tons and tons of money only to figure out a washer didn’t work or the clothes in a dryer are still damp. By the way, it took hours because we both were in school with part-time jobs; therefore, we wore as many clothes as possible before going to the laundromat. Now, as I am cleaning up the house I am able to wash and dry clothes and have no worries about getting the job done. It has simplified our lives in a way we could have never imagined!

Also, I have to admit that having a dish washer that works helps tremendously. Unfortunately at our last apartment, the dishwasher didn’t truly work. I ended up hand washing most of the dishes because it was easier. Currently our dishwasher works okay, but it still lacks due to age. But it still helps to clean most of the dishes. I have tried to not overload the dishwasher and also tried hand washing the dishes somewhat before running the dishwasher. I do admit that I am happy just to have a dishwasher even though it sometimes doesn’t wash every single dish. I never imagined needing these appliances so much, but they make my life so much easier! I now very much value my appliances for saving me time and money, which I do not have a lot of. In my book, anything that saves me time and money is something that deserves my praise.

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