What They Don’t Teach In School

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My new job is obviously the most exciting happening in my life at this moment. I am sure that my life will have more exciting moments, but I want to live in the moment and really enjoy my new experiences and my success.

Anyways, I recently recognized some topics that was not really covered in my degree. The first? Finance. In my Liberal Arts degree, I was required to take algebra and basic statistics. I honestly have never been great at math, but I can do the basics. Now that I need to know about retirement plans, health insurance plans, money going in the bank as well as towards different financial goals, I got a bit worried. I was lucky to be able to have a few financial basic conversations that included recommendations on what to do. I realized that not one of my classes in school truly prepared me. That is why I am personally recommending to anyone and everyone, especially if you don’t know all the information about finances, to take a class, read a book, or do your own research that can familiarize you with how to manage your finances successfully.

Taylor and I have actually already had the financial talk. We both agree that if we had to pick between a down payment on a house or a wedding, that we both pick the house. We are both striving to be financially secure, which is even harder due to our current recession. Therefore, we agreed that we want to continue to live the way that we currently live, but also not deny the necessities. Also, I am trying to do research to learn more about finances and the best way to become financially stable, including how to live comfortably and try to pay my loans off more quickly than my allotted timeframe.

Secondly, before beginning my new career I realized that while I have most of what I need to dress as a professional. Except, I didn’t have dress socks. I understand that you can dress professionally without dress socks, but most of my attire includes slacks. I guess I had figured that I had a few professional outfits together, but the dress socks never really crossed my mind. So in a hurry, I had to find a couple of pairs to get me through the past few weeks. I definitely plan on buying a couple more pairs once I get my first pay check. There is nothing like being the new person and having athletic socks on with your professional attire. This is not the first impression that I really want to make.

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One Response to What They Don’t Teach In School

  1. Krista says:

    I forgot about dress socks too. They sell really nice ones at Kohls for cheap by the way. I’ve had to ask for them for Christmas the past two years, and buy some on my own. They come in handy when it’s cold out!! 🙂

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