Next Week: Laugh at Work Week

At my new job, they announced that this next week is Laugh at Work Week. I really want to try to make the workplace fun for everyone, so I have been doing some research on some fun things that you may also want to include at your work. Mind you, I wanted some fun things that were strictly professional.

First great idea? Laffy Taffy. Now I have to give credit where credit is due. I was brainstorming ideas to bring into work. My co-worker mentioned Laffy Taffy. Most people are motivated by treats, snacks, and food in general. I don’t really think it should be this way, but it is reality. Also, who doesn’t love a small snack of Laffy Taffy? I know I do! He mentioned this after I had said we couldn’t do popsicle. I love popsicle and the corny joke that is on the wooden stick, but way too messy. So I will be going to Sam’s Club this weekend to bring in a large bag of Laffy Taffy for everyone to enjoy for the week (or as long as it lasts).

Second idea? Jokes. This is where it gets tricky. Never ever bring in a joke that is not office appropriate. Always think if HR or someone may be offended by any joke you may want to post or tell to your co-workers. I found a really great joke that I am going to bring to work on Monday, and I am hoping that it really lightens the mood and helps everyone have a good day. Unfortunately, during this process I got side-tracked. I ended up looking at humorous epitaphs. Many of them, were laugh out loud funny. But I am really not sure graveyard humor belongs in the workplace. On a side note, I found that I really like William Shakespeare’s epitaph. I had never read it before. Since I know you may be curious, this is what it says :





I tried to keep to the original epitaph as much as possible but changed certain parts, so that it makes sense to you. It was written during his time; therefore, there is a difference in language. I have always liked William Shakespeare. I understand that this one wasn’t exactly funny, but if you look up funny epitaphs you will definitely find quite a few laughs.

My third idea? Comic Strips and/or Cartoons. There are many comic strips and cartoons related to your job and some that are unrelated that can bring happiness to anyone’s day. I had to search a bit harder for some of these, but I found a few really good ones.

I did come across the idea of showing some funny slides, videos, video clips, and pictures at work. I have decided that these two ideas do not work for what I am intending, but that does not mean that these ideas couldn’t work for you. I do think it would be funny to have everyone bring in a picture from their high school yearbook. You know, the yearbook picture you wish didn’t exist? Or funny pictures of each person as a baby. Those types of pictures are always fun to share with others, well at least if you are okay with other people seeing them and laughing at them.

At work they said I could dress as a clown, but I wasn’t hot on the idea. First of all, I do not own a clown suit. Second of all, like all costumes they are expensive. Third of all, they are really hot inside unless it is thin material, which in most cases just means it’s itchy. And most of all, I am not sure I would like all the attention from dressing up as a clown. It would also be very hard for people to take me seriously. Oh, and it would not go well if anyone had a fear of clowns.

These are just a few ideas that I am playing with to bring some fun into the work place. I am sure there are many more ideas out there that I didn’t happen to come across. I invite everyone to try to celebrate Laugh at Work Week at their own jobs if possible. Because laughing is extremely healthy for the mind, body, and soul. By the way, if you decide to look up how to celebrate Laugh at Work Week be prepared for tons of articles on why laughing in general is good for the workplace as well as for a daily ritual.

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One Response to Next Week: Laugh at Work Week

  1. Rachael says:

    Laffy Taffy is wonderful for every occasion
    I agree with you about the clowns–so many people are scared of them theres even a word for it. Hence, probably a bad idea.

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