The New Grad’s Professional Problem

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After rejoicing at all my hard work finally paying off by beginning my career with a new job, I realized a potential problem. What the heck was I going to wear!?

Being a recent college graduate, I own lots of tshirts, jeans, sweatpants, and athletic shorts. None of these types of clothing are acceptable professional wear. I do have a few pair of pants and shirts that I wear for my job as a Pharmacy Technician, but they were no where close to what I imagine as a woman in business. At the pharmacy, I was allowed to wear tennis shoes. As mentioned previously, we were expected to stand eight hours a day. Not a problem if I got to wear a nice pair of sneakers.

I am not sure the requirements as to sitting or standing as of yet for my new job, but I do know that tennis shoes are not acceptable! So my mother and I decided to shop the sales racks of Kohl’s to see what we could find.

I will let you know now that we did find quite a few acceptable pieces of professional wear for pretty cheap. I also will now let you in on a secret that you may not know about me, I hate shopping. I am female, but shopping has never really appealed to me. Trying on clothes isn’t very fun for me. I have good days with shopping and bad days.

Unfortunately, I am only 5’1 even though my dad swears that I am only 4’10 (My doctor actually tells me that I am 5’1 and 3/4 inches, but I won’t be picky about 3/4 inches. Not like anyone would believe me anyways!). On a side note, it’s actually ironic how people perceive my height. I have people ask me my height. They either think I am a few inches taller or shorter than my actual height. After getting to learn all about my height, my point is that finding petite outfits that fit are hard to find. The short pants are too long, but I can generally swing it. I have learned to accept my height and body, but shopping still remains agonizing for the most part. Maybe that’s why I always stick with my basic clothes and brands that I know fit extremely well?

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