No Excuses

Wisdom Teeth

Image by tarale via Flickr

I am the first to admit that I already broke my goal of posting twice a week. I have no excuses. But I will inform you on what has been going on that kept me from posting. First, I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I have to admit that my experience was no pickle.

For some reason, my dental surgeon puts people under. While I appreciate that it is probably less painful than if you were awake or even half awake, I still dislike waking up in a blur. My entire day was ruined. Plus, who really likes waking up with cotton mouth? I literally mean cotton mouth. I had to put two pieces of cotton that are specifically for your mouth. They do not taste pleasant.

On top of waking up in a blur, the regime is enough to make your head spin. The mixture of antibiotics, pain killers, and ibuprofen made me sick. Trying to eat is a joke. I downed two to three cups of single serving fruit a few days later. While I appreciated losing some weight, it wasn’t enough to count. Plus, when you are supposed to swish salt water in your mouth six times a day. . .you dread the beach. No one really wants to dread the beach.

To make matter worse, a few days later I had a syringe that you place in your lower sockets, filled with salt water, that you then inject to clean it out. While this sounds horrific, you get use to it. But it does put lots of pressure on your newly toothless sockets. I also decided to work three days after the surgery. Not the best idea, but I made it!

Unfortunately, I happened to catch a virus during that next weekend. I had stopped all my drugs shortly before the first week. When something is doing more harm than good, it’s time to stop the pills! After stopping the pills, I actually call my surgeon about all my flu-like symptoms. There is nothing more laughable than a doctor’s recommendation is to “tough it out”. I have “toughened” many illnesses out, but not when my mouth AND my body rebel. Thanks doc!

Either way, it was quite a busy week! Yet I haven’t even touched any of the better parts of last week. I do have to say that I have successfully gotten past my virus. It actually happened that three of my co-workers this week were all sick, so I did my best to not catch anything. I am so far healthy and hoping to stay that way. For my recent absence, I didn’t want to make any excuses and I’m not. Just like any other person you know, life happens and we can’t always get to everything as planned. It’s a part of life.

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