First Suit Buying Experience

After doing multiple interviews and only owning a single black suit, it was time to break down and purchase another suit. With the help of The Limited‘s sale and a friend’s coupon, I was able to purchase a suit for under $100. As mentioned before, I hate shopping.

I was extremely lucky to have a woman who worked that day to help me select the best suit for my body type. In all stores, petite means tiny all over. I am not so much petite in any area except for height. I consider myself to be a curvy petite. Therefore, finding petite outfits that fit my body type is even harder to find. I would love to be petite in every way, but I haven’t ever really been tiny except for my height.

I decided to go with a gray suit. I had one black suit and needed a second interview suit. With each suit I tried on, I either looked like what I call a “Tootsie roll” or a kid wearing their parent’s clothes. When I say “Tootsie roll”, I mean that the clothes are tight enough for me to be the Tootsie roll in the tight wrapper. The opposite is when I look like a kid wearing my parent’s clothes. Remember as a kid trying on your parents’ jackets and pants to imagine what it is like to be them? To be a grown-up with an important job? If not, you missed out. Well, I look like that when I try on anything too big. The suits that were too large just happened to be an exaggerated version.

After an hour of two of trying on different suit styles and laughing at how the suits generally fit, I found a winner. The jacket only has one button, plus it hits right where it should on my hips. The suit is professional and fits like it was made for me! I even got the “short” size of the suit’s pants hemmed for free (less material to alter)! I am extremely excited to be able to wear my suit at my new job and to really look like a professional.

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One Response to First Suit Buying Experience

  1. Buying a suit can be a nightmare because you need a good fit in both top and bottom.
    I had my very first suit when I was in 6th grade because I begged my mother to make me one. Of course she made it to fit me (and I loved it) and it wasn’t until I was ‘grown up’ that I found out how hard it is to buy a suit.
    Good luck with job interviews.

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