New Television Show Worth Watching: Larry The Cable Guy’s “Only in America”

Picture of Larry the Cable Guy

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I am happy to announce I found a new show to watch. I am sure you can tell which show it is by the title. If you haven’t quite connected the dots, the new show I love is Larry The Cable Guy‘s “Only in America” on the History Channel. If you are not a fan of Larry The Cable Guy, unfortunately this show is not for you.

I have always found Larry hilarious and someone whom I would readily welcome to my dinner table to get to know him a bit more. In his show he manages to use his charm and wit, while proudly showcasing some great events, people, and history of and in America.

He makes me proud to be an American. It also doesn’t hurt that he continues to crack jokes that anyone can enjoy. I have seen three of his episodes so far. I was instantly caught by the advertisements for the show. The advertisement can be somewhat described as Larry talking to the camera and detailing how he has almost four hundred or so channels and nothing is ever on! This caught my attention immediately. I caught myself thinking, “I know! You said it!” Then Larry said that he had to do something about it. Which I am glad he did.

He has gone to the home of the writer of the book etiquette, made moonshine, raced box cars, raced jumping frogs, gone to catch crawfish, and even shot off an entire collection of different guns used throughout history. Larry gives a comedic, yet energetic way to learn about some of the history of America that is in our own backyard. He makes learning American History fun! Now, if only he could rub off on some of the history teacher’s I’ve had throughout the years. . .kidding. Anyways, check it out! I will be watching the new and exciting things Larry discovers. In the name of Larry, Git’R’Done!

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