Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts: Good Idea But Not Always The Best Option

Una rosa de papel,creada por Junior Jaquect.

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Having been reminded of Valentine’s Day, I remembered that I never actually shared what I made for Taylor. I made him a certificate for being an awesome boyfriend, two cards, a coupon book, and two origami flowers.

My presentation could have been laughable compared to his real flowers, box of chocolates, and gift certificate. But it’s the thought that counts. . .right? RIGHT? Well, at least that’s what I tell myself.

The certificate and coupon book looked great. The coupon book included a free pass on lots of chores that Taylor would gladly get out of. The cards were alright but definitely lacked the professional printed look. Now, to the origami. I managed to create a lily out of printed paper I had made (by made I mean I printed the words on it). The problem? It didn’t really look like the flower on my computer screen.

When going to buy origami paper, I found out that those pretty little sheets of paper are five bucks for a pack of one-hundred. Not bad for regular paper, but to pay that much for origami paper that I only want to attempt once? No deal. I also attempted an origami rose. I got so frustrated! I tried and tried, then I decided to make it my own. It resembled a rose, but it was not a perfect origami rose. The video used paper that looked similar to a paper napkin that bended and creased to the instructors desire. Mine? The same plain paper that you use everyday in your printer; it doesn’t bend or crease very easily. Either way, I attempted to do something meaningful for Taylor. Plus, the origami flowers didn’t look awful. Identifying them as flowers was the easy part. I also decided that making origami hats in Elementary school was much more fun than making origami flowers as an adult!

Next year? I will make some homemade gifts, because they truly come from the heart. I will also buy some gifts that will make Taylor feel happy and loved (such as golf equipment) in a way that my homemade gifts never could.

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