Bad Luck Sucks Chuck

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I have recently had lots and lots of bad luck. Before you jump to conclusions, I do believe in good and bad luck whether it actually exists or not. Now let me prove my bad luck as of late. First, my battery dies in my car. My precious baby which is a 2003 Toyota Avalon now ranks among the survivors of ages. It has more than 200,000 miles on it and had recently ran strong until it needed a new battery. Anyways, I cannot simply blame my car for this minor lapse. I mean, c’mon! It’s ran a very long race and continues to run strong with new batter intact.

Step two of my bad luck. Shortly after getting my car back in great condition, the windshield cracks all the way through. Yes, yes I know it’s winter. In Ohio we have also had more snow than some states and less snow than some states that are a little less fortunate in my opinion. I love snow, as long as it is only during Christmas. Otherwise, if we never had snow except on that day, I would be extremely satisfied. My favorite months are spring, summer,  and fall, but not in that order. So, this was the second strike in my week.

Strike Three. Ah, this one was a bit scary for me. A few days after the crack, what happens? Well, while straightening my hair for the day (I like to look nice), I see a quick spark in the mirror not an inch from my face. I set down the straightener of course. Of course I wanted to see if it would still work, but to no avail. OF COURSE my straightener that I received as a Christmas present had shorted in my face. OF COURSE it had just passed the thirty-day return date so I had to e-mail the company. And OF COURSE, when I send it back in order to get a new one, I must pay for the shipping to and from the company even though THEIR product nearly harmed me. (My dad did promise to pay the costs that I would have to pay since he and my mother bought me the gift for Christmas). Either way? It sucks. But that is not all.

I managed to fall TWICE in about a week span, maybe two weeks. While walking into a building to meet face to face with a recruiter that might have a company with a job that I could apply for, I fell on my left side. My knee bruised a bit, but I got up quickly, dusted myself off, and kept going without a hitch. I smiled, kept focused, and actually believe that the adrenaline rush helped with my nerves.

The second time I fell? I was walking down the stairs a few days ago when I lost my balance and slid down a few stairs to where I was completely stretched out across the stairs. I only managed to hurt my arch slightly, since it smacked against the edge of our wooden stairs. No harm done. What killed me? Moe. That little furball walked down the stairs beside me at the same pace I was falling and simply looked at me like,”c’mon! I have to pee! What are you doing!? Stop messing around! GET UP! NOW!” It was extremely hard for me not to laugh at his expression.

Moe, unfortunately, goes about the stairs way too quickly. He is furry. He also likes to go up and down the stairs at a full run. Moe is a grandpa in dog years! Yet he doesn’t change. Anyways, most of the time on the way up the stairs, Moe trips two to three stairs before reaching the top. He eats it almost every single time. I laugh every single time. I have learned that when going up the stairs at night, I can shine my phone so he can see in front of his face. Also, when he bounds down the stairs, he trips almost every time he gets to the third or fourth stair and eats it. One time he tripped and slid all the way down to the linoleum floor face first. He lay with his face on the floor and his pays stretched in front of him almost like he was covering his face, except his face was eating the floor and his paws just happened to try to fly past him. He lay there for what seemed like two minutes. I didn’t know what to do. I was laughing so hard I was crying, but I was worried that he might be dead. He is old you know. Well, he bounces up, rubs the side of his face with his paw (which earns pity no matter the situation and an “awwww”), and bounds for the back door while quivering his tail. By the way, yes his tail “quivers” instead of wags. If you don’t believe me, watch the video on Wired Haired Fox Terriers on Dogs 101.

So with all my bad luck, I know that the good luck will be so sweet that I won’t know what to do with myself. Maybe it will be a job. I could live with that! Or maybe it could be some mysterious event, present, or something else. Either way, I am extremely excited. I honestly believe that good luck is on the way after all this bad luck. I am staying positive!

On a side note, Taylor and I will have been together four years on Wednesday! Yay for us!

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