Valentine’s Day Blitz

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After browsing the selections of things available online for Valentine’s Day, I decided that I would make some homemade gifts for Taylor this year. It will be more work, more love, and less costly. I have found that many people are making homemade gifts for their loved ones. If you want to make your own gifts as well, I recommend looking up different websites. Many of them have creative ideas that are easy to do.

The problem? I have to make way too many gifts. Not only is Valentine’s Day on February 14th, but Taylor and I have been dating for four years on February 16th. I have a feeling that Taylor may or may not make something, but either way I will appreciate anything he gives me.

Valentine’s Day is always a problem for me. I never know what to get. Almost every website advertises the “perfect” gift for your significant other. You know, it was really great until that gift began collecting dust on my shelf! Plus, most things are too expensive! I understand that some people can afford to randomly buy their loved one a computer for Valentine’s Day and maybe even a car. I, on the other hand, cannot currently afford that. With that, I will continue to plan, create, and execute my homemade Valentine’s Day and four-year celebration of dating gifts. Wish me luck!

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