Waffles, Pizza, and Sweet Tea

Healthy Eating Pyramid

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

After failing to create a delicious Belgian waffle, I was determined to try again. This time I made a hybrid of a recipe I found online. The recipe dipped pieces of bread into a peanut butter waffle batter, then cooking it on a waffle-maker. This recipe didn’t feel right. I didn’t want french toast with waffle marks, but it was rated well. Anyways, I was inspired. I made a mixed version of the Bisquick recipe, but added a little vanilla, some peanut butter, and of course some chocolate chips. The end result? They looked flawless, except I still havent mastered the fully round waffles. Unfortunately, they were too heavy. After eating only one waffle, my stomach felt like I had eaten Thanksgiving dinner. Waffles should be light, fluffy, and overall satisfying without making you feel bloated. I will not give up on my search for the perfect waffle, but it was a lot better than my previous attempt.

Now to a different type of food update. Did you know you can make pizza without yeast? Last night as Taylor and I searched for an agreed upon meal, we realized we had only parts of different types of meals. We either didn’t have the entire makings of a meal or one of us didn’t want that type of food. Then I had an idea, what about pizza? Pizza is universal and I only know of one person who doesn’t like pizza. I swear I had bought yeast, but obviously I didn’t because we didn’t have it. So I look up a recipe to see if pizza has to have yeast. We found a recipe on cooks.com. Try it if you like, but I do not recommend not using yeast when making dough from scratch. The ingredient we used instead was baking soda. The pizza smelled delicious, but I couldn’t get past the aftertaste. The aftertaste surprisingly tasted like yeast, yet I knew there was none in the recipe. I ate a few bites and gave up. My next grocery run will have yeast on the list.

After all these flawed attempts at foodie happiness, I am still searching for recipes that are new and taste amazing. I do not like to go out to eat if I can cook a meal that tastes just as good, if not better, AND costs less. Tonight we made chicken with stuffing and heated up Bob’s Evans sides of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. I will be the first to admit that I am an extremely picky eater. Taylor eats salads with ease and even craves them. I crave comfort food and pizza. While I do crave homemade meals, I understand that I am in control of my weight, my body, my life. My choice in food is another reason why I try to motivate myself to clean and work out. I also eat smaller portion sizes.

Most healthy-eating people out there believe that my food choices are disgusting, yet some of them are probably jealous. I love food. I will not waste calories on food that does not appease my appetite, taste buds, and much more. Sometimes I can force myself to eat healthier, but it never lasts long. I am proud to say that I recently quit pop. Taylor bought some baby cans of Sprite and Coca-Cola, but they are only ninety calories. I occasionally float towards drinking it more often than I should (breaking the rules every once in a while won’t kill me), but I have steadily stayed away from it. My biggest weakness is sweet tea, but I have changed to Gold Peak‘s Diet Sweet Tea. If you haven’t had real sweet tea in a while, then it tastes amazing. I am working to eat and drink healthier, no matter my set backs, but I know that I will succeed with my slow pace. Tomorrow, I will heat up a small plate of tonight’s dinner and eat it for lunch. I don’t like me when I’m on a diet and neither does anyone else. Who likes being hungry at work? I sure don’t. I will be saving money AND eating exactly what I like in small quantities.

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