Waffles + Bisquick Recipe = Failure

Even after my night of watching ‘Heavy’ (there was only one episode), I got up this morning and made myself waffles. What a HUGE mistake. I have been craving waffles for the past month. I have no idea why, but I have. So when I went to Wal-mart with my gift card from my Aunt for Christmas (thank you!), I selected a cheap yet efficient toaster and Belgian waffle maker. I gleefully left with one package in my hands and the other package in Taylor’s. Taylor did not share my enthusiasm for the contraptions, but that is besides the point.

Yesterday morning I wanted waffles. I delicately unwrapped the wafflemaker, that is, until I figured out delicate did crap. I switched to a forceful approach and soon had my wafflemaker ready. Like all people do (yeah right), I read the instructions before using it. To my dismay, you were supposed to preheat it, let it cool down, then clean it before ever actually using it. I understood, but it deflated my need for waffles.

This morning I was determined to have waffles. I read the instructions, created the Bisquick recipe, and soon had waffles cooking. One problem, the recipe was not sweet. Now, I know that many of you are yelling at me. I am the one person who wants sweet waffles, when that is what the syrup is meant for. My mom decided to remind me of this fact over a text

Visually appealing, but tastefully deceiving

message when I informed her that my waffles tasted awful. Not only had the first waffle or two broken into pieces, but I had to take a fork to pry the waffle pieces from the machine. After several failed attempts at my pre-imagined waffles, I decided that next time I am going to use a better recipe.

The machine, it worked. The recipe, it lacked sugar. I love Bob Evan’s Belgian waffles; they are made with sweet cream. My waffles? Made with Bisquick. The moral of the story? Keep trying until you find what works! I am actively searching for a waffle recipe that is thicker in texture, as to not break apart in the machine, and also have a nice sweetness to it. I like a light amount of Log Cabin syrup. I love the taste, texture, and smell of the waffle itself. The syrup is just added happiness.

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