Hoarders and Heavy


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If you have recently viewed the shows on A&E titled, ‘Hoarders‘ and ‘Heavy‘, then you will understand the captivation and appeal of both shows. ‘Hoarders’ shows two people who hoard, generally to the extent of eviction or demolition of their homes, that appeals to anyone who wants to be amazed. While watching episode after episode last night, I kept asking myself the same question: How can people live like this? Before, the naive question was: Do people really live like this? After watching a few episodes, I indeed confirmed that people do! It’s documented on television as a show for all the world to see.

The worse part? The people who are most entertaining to watch are the ones that fail to recognize that they have a problem. Of course each and every story is a great tragedy. Hoarding and shopping impulses are usually set off by a trigger such as someone passing, a big change in the person’s life such as divorce, or any other event that caused traumatic stress to the point of no return. The people fail to deal with the events; therefore, they begin compulsively hoarding and/ or shopping to where there house simply isn’t livable. Last night’s episodes kept reminding me that THREE MILLION PEOPLE suffer from hoarding. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I dare you to watch the show once and see if you don’t get hooked.

Then there is the show ‘Heavy’. On a side note, I LOVE the font for the show. It is so expressive! Anyways, this was my first time watching the show. I felt for the two people, one male and one female, whom had to lose weight. They were not just heavy; they were heavy to the extent that they would soon die if something didn’t change then and there. The woman had a mini-stroke, while the man couldn’t get out of his truck without gasping for air. I didn’t feel pity for these two; they knew why they were in that situation. I was curious to see if they could really push. I am happy to say that both people lost a good amount of weight. These types of shows don’t make you want your fellow human (even though it may sometimes be questionable based on their behavior) to fail to overcome such overwhelming obstacles, but to succeed. The stories of the people involved captivate you in a way that have you rooting for the people who are broadcast on the show.

I watch both shows for two reasons. First of all, as stated before, it’s addicting. Second of all, both shows make me paranoid and force me to better myself. After watching ‘Hoarders’ a simple stack of papers can make you twitch. You do not want to become a hoarder! It is so easy for things to slip, for life to overwhelm us. Yet, I have yet to become a hoarder. I assure myself that I will never become one, that I will die before my house becomes cluttered from floor to ceiling. But there is always that little voice asking, “what if?” As for ‘Heavy’, it’s the same. It is extremely hard to eat junk after watching this show. If they can work out, then I can too! It’s also very appealing that as they get thinner, their personal lives begin to blossom. Wouldn’t it be nice to lose weight AND the rest of your life to come together all at once?

A&E brilliantly only shows commercials during breaks in the shows, which, let’s face it, you’re hooked. Not only do they do this little trick, they also have no commercials between the end and the beginning of shows! It goes straight into the next show, introductions of each persons story and problems worse than the last episode watched! If you don’t believe me, go ahead and watch. I dare ya! If you figure a way out of it, let me know. I will be happily watching both shows until a re-run or different show comes on.

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