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Without really realizing it, I have joined a large number of bloggers to post even more in 2011. I am not going to post everyday (that seems impossible for the time being), but I am going to post more than once a week. As stated before, I am going to post twice a week. It is nice to know that so many other bloggers out there are supportive and wanting to help each other. The blogging challenge can be read on, I encourage any blogger looking to step out of their comfort zone to read, enjoy, and even join! Also, a blog that I consider to be a resource, , has tips on how to better their blog that any blogger could use.

For a recent update, I have some good and some bad news. The bad news is that my car broke down. After attempting to jump the car’s engine multiple times, the car failed to come to life. For the first time, I had to call AAA and have them tow my car to be repaired. I am extremely thankful that it didn’t start when I was trying to leave work. It would have been scary to break down on my way home! I am hoping that my car only needs minor repairs and will be up and running in the next week.

Now, to the good news. I am extremely excited to say that I have an interview on Tuesday morning! Taylor and I are figuring out how to survive with only one car, but I believe we can manage. This may seem like a rough week, but we can do it! I am already mentally preparing for the interview and brainstorming the perfect “I-am-the-person-you-want-for-your-company” outfit. It’s very important to me to look professional. You can NEVER have another first impression!

By the way, I recently added subscription and comment sections. I  invite all readers to subscribe to my blog via the side panel through your e-mail. I also invite comments and questions! Thanks all!

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