Exercise Wisely

After reading the title, “Don’t Let Winter’s Bad Weather Spoil Your Exercise Time” on Freshly Pressed on Word Press, I was reminded of my own attempt at becoming fit during the winter season. The blog mentioned can be read at http://kristensherlock.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/dont-let-winters-bad-weather-spoil-your-exercise-time/. It reminded me that I want to begin being a happier, healthier me. I want to stop making excuses and become in shape like I once was at the beginning of college.

Let’s go back in time one to two months. I had promised myself that I would work out last summer in order to be in shape. Did that happen? No. I was busy and had much more important things to do like working, reading, and spending time with family. As mentioned in my blog before, free time does not simply appear you have to make it happen!

Back to the story. . . I decided that I was going to get in shape, except this time I would really work out. I opened up a workout video that I had picked up at Target with excitement. I, Kinley Burden, was going to be shredded as promised. The title I picked up was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. The promise of being whipped back into shape led to daydreaming. I dreamed of being in shape like many women aspire to be. I wanted to be the type of woman you see in the movies, in magazines, and occasionally in real life. I wanted a ‘rocking body’. I wanted a small number in dress size as well as on the scale. I wanted the carved muscles that gleamed and glittered. So I put the DVD in Taylor’s (my boyfriend) PS3.

For the next thirty minutes I attempted to keep up with the video. The video instructed me to do two-minute sets switching between cardio and strength training. While this idea is good in theory, it is not good in reality. There are no breaks and of course I wanted to get as much out of the video as possible; therefore, I pushed myself as hard as possible.

Afterwards, I was hot and sweaty. I did manage to feel a strong sense of accomplishment. That wasn’t so bad! I had actually worked out! I had done it! I had no idea of the night to come.

As I lay in bed that night, I felt exhausted. I believed that I would sleep the entire night through. I tossed and turned the entire night. You see, I had failed to thoroughly stretch before and after the video. I had assumed that the stretches on the video would be sufficient. What a huge mistake.

That night I had multiple charley horses.  I sprang out of bed so fast, that I nearly fell over a couple of times. If this wasn’t bad enough, every time I tossed and turned I pulled a new muscle. Somehow I managed to pull most of the muscles by my ribcage. It is an extremely painful pull, but I did manage to survive the night. The next day at work, it got worse. My muscles ached and I pulled another muscle. I tried to reach for something and managed to pull my right pectoral muscle. I no longer felt ready to become shredded.

Last week, I attempted the unthinkable. I tried once again to do Julian Michael’s workout video. I convinced Taylor to work out with me this time. He thought it was all too easy until he realized that there are no breaks. He later decided that if we are going to work out that we need a new type of video.

We both decided that we did not particularly like the video, so we went to Target and picked out a new one. This one is labeled, “Power Walk.” The back shows contestants from the Biggest Loser doing the workout. I figure that if the contestants on the Biggest Loser can do the workout, I should be able to do it. I also have an advantage of only being twenty-two.

When looking for workout videos, make sure to start with easier ones before buying the more advanced workouts. I now refer to Julian Michael’s workout video as, “30 Day Hell”, because I thought that title would be much more appropriate. These laborious and painful experiences have helped me to recognize an important key to becoming a better me and getting into shape: even if a workout video promises to make you lean, sexy, and amazingly in shape, I want to exercise the slow and safe route. So folks, be careful on how much you take on. I hope that my experience can help show that it is important to not overdo it when trying to work out. Take small steps into getting fit. I recommend reading the post mentioned earlier by Kristen Sherlock in order to inspire you on ways to becoming fit in the winter season. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

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